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How to Use Proposal Builder for a Pavement Maintenance Estimate

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE: Due to the 2017/2018 re-write of our Go iLawn & Go iPave software, we are no longer supporting the historical “Proposal Builder” add-on from “Classic” Go iLawn & Go iPave, as referenced in this 2014 blog post. This post now offers advice for proposal writing and a proposal template into which you can […]

4 Key Performance Indicators to Measure at Your Service Business

In my January-February Snow Business column  I shared four Key Performance Indicators that snow and ice management companies should review to gauge how the season went. I thought I would bring them up again not only for our snow and ice management readers, but also for landscapers, pavement maintenance contractors, and our readers from other industries that […]

Property Searching Best Practices for Go iLawn and Go iPave

Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time refining and developing the Go iLawn and Go iPave address database. Along with improving our sites’ searching capabilities, we try to stay on top of when properties change hands, parcel boundaries change and addresses change. It’s an ongoing effort, but we want landscape, pavement maintenance and […]

Why a Paid Property Measuring Site is Better than a Free One

Since we launched Go iLawn in 2009, one question that new prospects and customers have always asked us is “How is this different from Google earth?“. Sometimes people also just assume that we’re using Google earth: “This is Google, right?”. We love Google for this reason. They’ve brought maps and property photos to the mainstream […]