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How to Use Proposal Builder for a Pavement Maintenance Estimate


UPDATE: Due to the 2017/2018 re-write of our Go iLawn & Go iPave software, we are no longer supporting the historical “Proposal Builder” add-on from “Classic” Go iLawn & Go iPave, as referenced in this 2014 blog post.


We have many requests from our Go iPave users to create a pavement maintenance Proposal Builder. We plan to create one sometime in the future, but until then our Lawn Proposal Builder might just offer the solution pavement maintenance professionals are looking for.

Yep that’s right, you can create proposals for asphalt services (or any service you want for that matter) with our Lawn Proposal Builder. The catch is you can only use the Lawn Proposal Builder to create proposal documents for asphalt services; the Lawn Proposal Builder won’t act like a calculator for asphalt services like it does for landscaping and snow removal estimates.

Create Professional Proposal Documents in Minutes

With the Lawn Proposal builder you can create a professional proposal for sealcoating, patching, striping, milling, asphalt repair, asphalt paving, power washing, concrete repair and installation-and pretty much anything else you might want to prepare an estimate for. Your pavement maintenance proposal can be as simple or complex as you would like, and it can include:

Sample Pavement Maintenance Proposal created with Lawn Proposal Builder

Sample Front Page of Pavement Maintenance Proposal created with Lawn Proposal Builder

  • Your Company logo & contact information
  • Your client’s contact information
  • Scope of work details for services proposed
  • Pricing for services proposed
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Property photos (any jpeg file can be attached)
  • Signature page
  • Page numbers
  • Contract/proposal title
  • See a sample pavement maintenance proposal here

7 Steps to Creating a Pavement Maintenance Proposal with Proposal Builder

Using Proposal Builder to create pavement maintenance proposals is simple, and for $50/month (you can turn it on and off to meet your demands) you can create and edit as many proposals as you would like. To create a proposal for sealcoating you would:

  1. Access the Lawn Proposal Builder.
  2. Enter your customer’s contact information (your contact information will store within Proposal Builder after the first time you enter it in a template).
  3. Un-check the services boxes in the Lawn Proposal Builder set up tab
  4. Add services, pricing and service descriptions in the Additional Services section.
  5. Add property photos to the proposal- any .jpeg photo can be attached, it doesn’t have to be from Go iLawn or Go iPave.
  6. Upload your logo, add terms and conditions and choose formatting information for proposal document in the Finalize tab.
  7. Save your proposal document as a PDF, and save your proposal template to your computer for future use.

Once you create your first proposal with Proposal Builder, you can save your contact information, company logo, your company’s terms and conditions etc. to a proposal template so you don’t have to re-type your ‘boiler-plate’ information into the program every time you want to create a new proposal. You can also save your proposals to workspace files so if you have to reload the proposal to make changes to it, all you have to do is log in, reload your proposal workspace, make your changes and save your new document.

Try Proposal Builder Today

If you are already a Go iPave customer, you can use Proposal Builder free for 30 days. If you haven’t tried Go iPave yet at all, contact us and we can get you set up with a trial of the measuring tool and proposal builder.

What do you use to create pavement maintenance proposals?

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