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How to Use Proposal Builder for a Pavement Maintenance Estimate


UPDATE: Due to the 2017/2018 re-write of our Go iLawn & Go iPave software, we are no longer supporting the historical “Proposal Builder” add-on from “Classic” Go iLawn & Go iPave, as referenced in this 2014 blog post. This post now offers advice for proposal writing and a proposal template into which you can enter data gathered from Go iLawn and Go iPave.


Your team needs a professional, polished way to deliver estimates to a prospect. 

What is a Proposal?

A Paving Proposal is a document that is drafted in order to provide a considerable amount of information that will be used to gain clients’ trust to accept your paving services. 
Contracting jobs are challenging considering the amount of time required by the estimating, proposal creation, and sales process. Another obstacle is the competition for the service, which the Paving Proposal can address when written effectively.

What is the Purpose of a Proposal?

The main objective of a proposal is to present a solution to a client’s problem and to gain their trust that you are the best person to provide that answer.
The purpose of a Paving Proposal is to make yourself known to the client. Before a personal appearance to gain a business agreement, a proposal needs to be written. Your proposal will serve as your main tool to provide your client a reason to trust you and choose you from among the choices in the industry.

How do I create a Paving Proposal?

The key to writing any proposal is to learn the basics of a simple proposal format. Your work will run smoothly when you have an outline that will serve as a guide while you write.
  • Write an introduction. Your introduction should contain words of gratitude for an opportunity to present a proposal. Remember that not everyone is given the chance to write one. Be sincere in the words you write and use positive personal statements.
  • State the need. An important key to writing an effective Paving Proposal is to identify the needs of the client. Be specific with the details like the kind of area that needs work as well as the materials and equipment needed. The more you know about the needs, the better the impression you give to the client.
  • Offer the benefits. This is the part where you explain what needs to be done and how efficient you are when it comes to this job. Site some projects you have worked on and how satisfied your clients were with the service. Offer the advantages and the reasons why you are the best.

How to Use Go iPave to Support a Paving Proposal?

While sharing your ideas and plan with the prospect in your Proposal Letter, support your claims and back up your service plan using the Go iPave sitemap you created to come up with your estimate.
Here’s how:
  • Pull up the prospective property by searching the address in Go iPave.
  • Create your measurements on the map for the services you wish to complete, such as Crack Filling, Seal Coating, Curb Repair, and more. Utilize labels to clearly describe the job phases, materials needed, and any other valuable information you wish to share with your prospect.
  • Click the icons on the left sidebar to download or print your site map, complete with the same aerial photograph and the measurements you created.
  • Attach the image or printed file in your proposal – and you’re finished!

What to Include in a Paving Proposal Paving Proposal

Your Pavement Maintenance Proposal can be as simple or complex as you’d like, and it can include:
  • Your Company’s logo and contact information
  • Your client’s contact information
  • Scope of work details for services proposed
  • Pricing for services proposed
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Property Photos from a sitemap created with Go iPave, or any photos taken during an in-person site visit
  • Signature page
  • Page numbers
  • Contract/Proposal title

Sample Proposal for Paving Companies

If you need help getting started, we’ve created a Sample Paving Proposal. Just visit the link on Google Drive, open in Word or create a copy to edit within your own Google account, then swap out the sample sections with the details of your Pavement Maintenance job details. Feel free to contact us if you need help or have any questions!

What do you use to create pavement maintenance proposals?
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