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5 Tips to Grow Your Contracting Business with Facebook

What “Icon”, “Milestone” and “Cover Photo” Mean for your Business Icons. Milestones. Cover Photo. Sounds like content from a Sports Illustrated Magazine right? But really, it’s Facebook lingo. These are terms we learned in the “Facebook” context when we launched Facebook fan pages for our Go iLawn and Go iPave brands a few months ago. Slowly but surely […]

Does Your Contracting Company Have a Business Plan?

Green Side vs. Business Side Many green industry contractors get started on accident (and without a long-term plan or strategy). They start mowing lawns as a side job for extra cash as teenagers, keep it up after high school and through college and eventually the enjoyment of their work, and the realization that there is […]

Cool Contractor

Cool Contractors There are hundreds of thousands of contracting businesses in the U.S.- an estimated 90,000 landscape contractors alone. What makes you stand apart from them? Our cool contractors series will showcase contractors doing something cool, creative and share-worthy for their contracting business.  By doing so we hope to stimulate ideas and provide inspiration for […]

Guess The Property

  Five Clues About This Property Owner 1. Although I have a putting green, I am not a golfer. 2. I recently retired after 19 years at the same job. 3. I am very tall. 4. I have five children. 5. I wear a size 17 shoe. So…who owns this property? AND for a bonus, […]

Five Tips for Smart Estimates

Estimating is an important part of any contracting business.  In order to create accurate, competitive estimates (for both you and your potential client), there are a couple of items you should keep at hand for each estimate you make, and a few more to check off your list each year before bidding season starts (think […]

Property Measurement Matters

How do you Measure? I have asked the “How do you measure?” question countless times to people who are interested in learning more about our property measurement software. And guess what, there really isn’t one consistent response. Generally, it seems as if contractors use some form of measuring that stems from either using the measuring wheel or an […]