why use Go ilawn ebook Cover photo

Why a Paid Property Measuring Site is Better than a Free One

why use Go ilawn ebook Cover photo

Download our eBook to see the details for ten reasons why we are better than other online measuring services.

Since we launched Go iLawn in 2009, one question that new prospects and customers have always asked us is “How is this different from Google earth?“. Sometimes people also just assume that we’re using Google earth: “This is Google, right?”.

We love Google for this reason. They’ve brought maps and property photos to the mainstream and made them easily accessible- and even better, desirable. Thus, there are plenty of  sites out there that use Google imagery or other satellite photos for people to view and measure properties with.

But we aren’t one of them. We’re very different from Google maps and the sites that have popped up over the years that allow people to measure with them.

The How, Why, When and Who that Make Go iLawn Unique

I could list out all of the ways Go iLawn is different from free online measuring sites, but that could get lengthy and start to sound like we’re gloating. We don’t want to gloat. We just want to show you the how, why, when and who that make Go iLawn different from free online property measuring sites.

So instead of a boring list, I’ve put together an eBook that shows the top ten reasons why Go iLawn is the best property measuring program for green industry contractors. It’s got pictures and everything!

Download it (for free) here. And if you’re favorite feature or reason for using Go iLawn is not in this eBook, tell us what I left out in the comments section of this post.

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