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The Importance of Customer Retention in Numbers

Fall has officially arrived, which probably means you are planning for 2014. I know we are thinking about our goals and plans for 2014 at the Go iBrands office. So how did you do this year? Do you think most of your customers will renew their contracts with you? Have you already secured them? Or […]

3 Property Photos That Will Inform Your Team And Impress Your Customers

high-res·o·lu·tion– Relating to an image that has fine detail. A feature in our property measurement software that consistently “wow’s” our users- and their clients- are the high resolution aerial photos our customers measure properties with. Because our photos are taken from an airplane rather than a satellite, the image resolution is much higher than a satellite […]

Get Ready for Snow with Snow Ready Fees

A few months ago, our CEO Mike Rorie had the opportunity to talk with John Allin on his blog talk radio show Managing Snow & Ice with John Allin. Mike and John talked about progressive snow contractors, and what it’s like to operate a snow business in Cincinnati, OH. They also talked about selling “snow […]

Proper Landscaping Results in a Return on Investment

As a green industry professional, you know landscaping provides more than just aesthetics. Landscaping increases property values, decreases utility costs and helps the environment in more ways than one- all which can result in a huge return on investment for property owners. In fact, landscaping can add as much as 14% to the resale value […]