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New Feature Alert: Rotating, Resizing & Expanded Editing Capabilities for Property Measurements

A few years ago we added editing capabilities to our toolset that allow our users to change the dimensions of property measurements after they are made on Go iLawn and Go iPave. Since then, the editing tool has been one of our customers’ favorite and most frequently used tools because it helps our users make their landscaping and paving measurements […]

3 Ideas to Help You Sell Landscape Lighting Services

This a guest post by Jacob Cohen from Orbit Industries An important element of landscape design is to strike a balance between usability and aesthetic quality. Beauty, security, and safety are all important aspects of this balance, and by offering landscape lighting installation as a part of your landscape contracting services, you can help your clients enhance their […]

7 Tips to Help You Set Strategic Goals at Your Service Business (Infographic)

It’s peak sales and production season at landscaping and pavement maintenance companies across the U.S. and Canada, which also means it’s prime time that your team members are hitting their sales and/or production goals-or perhaps might need to be motivated with updated goals or goals in general. Determining company goals and individual goals for employees can be tricky for […]

Case Studies Show Landscaping and Paving Service Diagrams Boost Sales & Expedite Operations (Part Two)

This is the second post in a two part series. Read part one here. Progressive service contractors are always looking for ideas and tools that will help them stand out among their competition during the very rigorous, highly competitive sales process- which is something we covered in last week’s post. But once a job is […]

Case Studies Show Landscaping and Paving Service Diagrams Boost Sales & Expedite Operations (Part One)

This is the first post in a two-part series. I’m always surprised when a Go iLawn or Go iPave user tells me they aren’t saving their property photos. Our high resolution property photos not only allow service contractors to obtain accurate measurements, but they can also help them win sales, punch up their marketing materials, […]

Go iLawn & Go iPave New Feature Alert: Introducing the Geofence

We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature this week: the geofence. The geofence makes it easier for Go iLawn and Go iPave users interact with our high resolution aerial photos when they’re measuring properties for landscaping, pavement maintenance and snow removal estimates. Specifically, the geofence allows users to walk in and […]