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Website Design and Maintenance Tips for Landscape and Paving Companies

I’m sure by now most of you have heard that April is National Lawncare Month. Did you know it’s also National Pest Management Month and National Landscape Architecture month? Are you seeing a theme here?

It’s prime time for landscape, lawncare, pest control, and pavement maintenance service providers to kick off the season. It’s also prime time for home owners, property managers and building owners to search for and select property maintenance service providers. So make sure your website is in good shape while you’re in the limelight.

Conduct a Simple Website Audit

If you have a working website for your service business, conduct a website audit to make sure your web pages look good, and spelling and grammar is in order. You should also check to make sure your links and forms are functioning properly. You don’t want to miss out on any leads or customer feedback because something is broken.

It’s also not a bad idea to ask someone else to conduct an audit. When you’ve looked at something 100 times, it’s easy to overlook minor spelling errors or issues that can put a dent in your credibility. Those are the worst…trust me!

Plan for Your Website’s Future

A good working website is essential, and will certainly benefit your company in many ways, but even if your site is working like it should and looks good, does it offer the features and capabilities today’s visitor expects?

The infographic below outlines some common small business mistakes and statistics when it comes to website design and functionality. These statistics can help you with an in-depth website audit, and can also help you plan for your website’s future.

Check these stats out, and while you’re working on these ideas, I’m going to work on getting someone to declare that April is also National Sealcoating Month.

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