7 Goal Setting Techniques and Tips for landscape and pavement maintenance contractors

7 Tips to Help You Set Strategic Goals at Your Service Business (Infographic)

It’s peak sales and production season at landscaping and pavement maintenance companies across the U.S. and Canada, which also means it’s prime time that your team members are hitting their sales and/or production goals-or perhaps might need to be motivated with updated goals or goals in general.

Determining company goals and individual goals for employees can be tricky for management and leaders to figure out. On one hand you want your team to achieve the goals you set so they’ll reap the benefits of any rewards that are attached to the goal- including the sense of accomplishment they’ll feel when the goal is reached. On the other hand, you want to avoid setting goals that are too easy to reach. Goals need to be challenging to serve their purpose.

So how do you figure out this delicate balance and come up with quality goals for your team? There’s no secret solution, but asking yourself these seven questions might help you set motivating goals for your team:

  1. When is the right time to set a goal?
  2. Have I written the goals down?
  3. Can everyone view the objective or does everyone understand the reason for the goal?
  4. Are the goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART)?
  5. Are the goals for individuals aligned with goals for the organization?
  6. Are the goals realistic? Did you create a goal for someone that is outside of their comfort zone?
  7. Does everyone affected by the goal understand what their next step will be to achieve the goal?

Check out the infographic below to read about these 7 ideas and strategies and why you might want to consider them when setting goals for your team at your landscaping or pavement maintenance company.

7 Goal Setting Techniques and Tips for landscaping and pavement contractors

This infographic by Weekdone.com appeared on Entrepreneur.com.

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