National Lawn Care Month

Leverage National Lawn Care Month to Increase Spring Landscaping Sales

National Lawn Care Month

PLANET encourages green industry professionals to use this National Lawn Care Month logo in their marketing materials.

April is National Lawn Care month, which offers your lawn care or landscaping company the perfect opportunity to reach out to prospects and customers (both past and present) and hopefully win some new sales.

Even if your green industry company doesn’t provide or specialize ‘lawn care’ services, it’s still a good a idea to leverage National Lawn Care Month as a marketing opportunity for your company. To the average person the term ‘lawn care’ doesn’t just apply to fertilizing and treating lawns for diseases; it encompasses everything that goes into having a well-maintained lawn and landscape including spring cleanups, mowing grass, mulching, planting flowers, and perhaps even installing a hardscape.

Plus, this is a chance to back your marketing efforts with a national campaign that reinforces the value your professional landscaping services can add to someone’s property. So don’t miss this opportunity!

Increase Spring Sales By Educating Your Landscaping Customers and Prospects with PLANET’s Help

There are a variety of ways you can promote your lawn care or landscaping business during National Lawn Care Month. One way is to take an educational approach highlighting the benefits a healthy lawn and landscape can provide for people and the environment.

If you want to go this route, I’ve got good news for you. Last year PLANET partnered with Turfgrass Producers International and the Lawn Institute to put together some great information and materials aimed to help green industry professionals market their companies during National Lawn Care Month.

Even better is they’ve compiled everything into a handy toolkit accessible on a convenient webpage. All you have to do is visit the page and grab any info and materials that appeal to you. Seriously, it’s that easy!

Some key ideas and statistics you can use to promote National Lawn Care Month:

  • Healthy Lawns Help you Breathe Better: A lawn that is 50 by 50 feet releases enough oxygen for a family of four, while absorbing carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride, and peroxyacetyl nitrate.
  • Healthy Lawns are Good for the Environment: Turfgrass helps control pollution, trapping much of an estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt released annually into the U.S. atmosphere.
  • Healthy Lawns Have a Cooling Effect: On a hot summer day, lawns can be 30 degrees cooler than a blacktop driveway.

You can use this information, along with two infographics PLANET created to communicate these statistics in a variety of ways. For example, use them in print materials, like door hangers and mailers, on your website, and on your social media networks to grab your prospects’ attention and demonstrate the value of using a landscape professional to maintain a healthy lawn at their home or business.

Promote Design-Build, Irrigation & Landscape Lighting Services During National Lawn Care Month

Another angle you can take to promote your landscaping company during National Lawn Care Month is educating your prospects about the return on investment a healthy and well-maintained landscape can bring to a home or business owner. This might be a better approach if you want to market your design-build, maintenance, irrigation and/or landscape lighting services.

Here are some ideas on how you can spin National Lawn Care Month and focus on the ROI of other service offerings:

Design Build Services- A recent study by that suggests landscaping can deliver an ROI as high as 150%– which is more than kitchen and bath remodels can deliver to homeowners. That’s right. For every dollar spent on upgrading a backyard or outdoor space, homeowners can expect to get back anywhere from 60 cents to $2. You could even use these stats to help market your landscape maintenance and spring clean up services too.

Irrigation- Encourage your clients and prospects to update irrigation systems with new technology that’s designed to conserve water and better irrigate properties. Explain that up to half of water used for landscape irrigation is lost or wasted due to improper irrigation system design, installation and maintenance. Plus if you go this route you can use your materials again in July during Smart Irrigation Month.

Landscape Lighting- Target past customers and new prospects to upgrade their landscape lighting to a more environmentally friendly option that will also save them money in the long run.

Good Luck with Spring Sales

No matter how you (or if) choose to use National Lawn Care month to promote your green industry business this season, I hope your efforts pay off and you have a great season. And if you end up promoting your business during National Lawn Care Month, I’d love to hear how it went for your company. Please share your experience with me in the comments section of this post.

Oh yes, and don’t forget to measure, bid and win with Go iLawn when those calls start to come in!

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