Blogging at a Landscaping or Pavement Maintenance Company

Blog Topic Ideas for Your Landscaping, Pavement Maintenance or Snow Removal Business

The thought of starting a company blog can be a scary thing. The idea of coming up with blog topics, then sitting down to put them together in a nice, well-written blog post can be a big enough deterrent that the whole idea of starting the blog gets placed on the back burner.

I experienced this when we decided to start Go iTalk a few years ago. It was something I knew needed to happen and I wanted to start for our company, but I struggled with coming up with topics to cover. So much so, that I couldn’t stick to a weekly schedule initially.

Eventually I made myself sit down and create a content strategy and blogging calendar in an effort to get timely and relevant posts out on a consistent basis. And it was a huge help! I still use a content calendar to this day, which is just a simple Excel spreadsheet that helps me organize our blog topics and weekly schedule.

How to Develop a Blog Content Strategy for Your Service Business

Whether your goal for your company blog is to demonstrate your company’s expertise, increase sales, or drive more visitors to your website (or perhaps all three), you have to have some topic ideas to get you started. Here’s an easy way to begin; break the year out into quarters or seasons and think about:

  • What you’re doing at your business in each time frame
  • What your customers are doing in each time frame
  • What’s going on in your life (outside of the business) and your customers’ lives in each time frame

What Are You Doing at Your Company Throughout the Year?

What you’re doing and what you’re focused on operationally at your business can help you plan out some easy topics that might also allow you to soft sell your services.

For example, in early spring you’re probably focused on selling and marketing your services. Simple lists that highlight the benefits of your services while providing valuable information to your audience might be an easy place to start. Here are some ideas that might satisfy that criteria:

  • 3 Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn
  • 4 Reasons Why Sealcoating Your Driveway Increases its Lifespan
  • Common Turf and Tree Diseases to Watch for in St. Louis

These posts are not only informative, but they demonstrate your expertise and hopefully will attract potential prospects for your company. You can also probably add a short statement in the post to ‘soft-sell’ your company that says something like “Keep in mind My Landscaping Company can take care of fertilizing your lawn for you so you can enjoy these benefits. Give us a call or contact us online today to learn more about our services.”

What your Clients are Doing?

What are your clients doing during the key times you want to talk with them? If you’re targeting residential clients during the summer, kids are out of school, and graduation parties, bridal showers and other popular summer events are going on at people’s homes. Here are some ideas they might like to hear about from you:

  • 5 Classic Summer Driveway Games for Families
  • 3 Ways to Turn your Lawn into your Family Room
  • 5 Easy-to-Assemble Potted Flower Arrangements that Will Make Your Property Shine

These posts will get people thinking about using their yard and getting outdoors, and hopefully get their wheels spinning on making improvements to their property’s appearance that can also enhance their family’s quality of life. Plus, you’ve positioned yourself as a helpful resource and perhaps someone they might want to call to fix their driveway so they have a surface to play those driveway games on.

What’s Going on In Your Life and Your Customers’ Lives

Holidays, the start of a new year, and community activities or construction projects are also topics you can consider for your company blog. These posts are especially beneficial if you can tie in your expertise somehow. For example, in my community the city recently re-developed a nearby park. If I were a landscaper, I could offer suggestions on what type of plant materials I would use in the park.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat
  • Snow Day Activities for Children
  • Unusual Holiday Decorating Ideas

These posts show you and your business are part of the community, which will probably cause people to think about your company in a positive way. Hopefully these good feelings will lead to them thinking about you first when they need services you can provide.

Start With a Few Posts Per Year

Try writing one post every quarter or every other month to get started. Your posts don’t have to be long, and once you get started you’ll probably find that you have more to say than you thought you would.

No matter how you get started on your blog, I wish you luck in getting it up and running! And if you already have a company blog, share a link in the comments section of this post. We always enjoy reading about what’s going on with our customers and how they’re promoting their companies, and we would love to take a look at it.

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