Top 5 Go iTalk Posts of All Time

goitalk one year birthdayGo iTalk recently had it’s first birthday, and we forgot to celebrate. So in honor of Go iTalk’s first year on the web, we took a look back at all of our posts and rounded up the top five most-read. Hopefully you’ve already read these, but if not take a look at them now…chances are your fellow Go iTalk readers did.

Top 5 Go iTalk Posts for Landscape and Pavement Maintenance Contractors:

  1. How Landscape & Paving Companies can Monitor their Local Competition from a Phone: A feature on Perch, a free app that helps you keep tabs on your competitors. Stay informed about what your competitors are doing in your marketplace so you can do it, or not do it, too. 
  2. It’s All About Attitude at Your Green Industry Company- A guest post from Scott Neave of Neave Group Outdoor Solutions. Scott shares his insights on the importance of everyone’s attitude about their role at his company.
  3. Enhance Pavement Maintenance Diagrams with Snagit- This post was not only one of the most read, but also really enjoyed by the members of the Go iLawn Linked In Group. Snagit is a screen capture program that can help you take your Go iLawn and Go iPave property photos to the next level. Try it today!
  4. 12 Management Tips to Help Landscapers Survive March Madness- A guest post by Gary Kuykendall, former Vice President of GroundMasters, Inc. Gary shares some tips on how managers can get the most out of their team during crunch time.
  5. 5 Key Mindsets of Effective Managers- A post by Mike Rorie on 5 mindsets managers must have to encourage growth, run day-to-day operations and influence the success of an organization.

So the message is clear- you guys like to hear from your industry peers (Scott, Gary, Mike) and management is a popular topic. We would love to include your tips, insights, ideas, experiences etc. in a Go iTalk post. Please email Alle arorie(@)gisdynamics(.)com if you are interested in contributing a post.


Is your favorite Go iTalk post in this list? If not, tell us about your number one pick in the comments section of this post.


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