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Upsell Irrigation Services During Smart Irrigation Month

It’s the first week of Smart Irrigation Month which leaves plenty of time to capitalize on selling the benefits of a new, better functioning or perhaps smarter irrigation system to your clientele. To help you help your customers, our friends at Ewing created a great infographic that shows some stats and information on the benefits a well-designed irrigation system- and the downfalls of a broken or poorly designed one.

Share-Worthy Smart Irrigation Information:

  • An estimated 50% of landscape irrigation water use is wasted.
  • Common causes of water waste are poor design, excessive pressure and improper scheduling.
  • A broken sprinkler can cause 25,000 gallons of water waste in just one season.
  • Water-efficient sprinklers and nozzles can help you save 30% more water because they’re designed to produce larger drops of water or streams that resist wind, prevent evaporation and reduce overwatering.
  • Drip irrigation can help conserve 30-50% more water. Drip is great for shrubs, trees and other plants, allowing 90-100% of the water to go to the roots.
  • Smart controllers can help you conserve 25% more water. Smart irrigation controllers use weather or soil moisture data to give your plants just the right amount of water (no more watering in the rain).

Don’t Forget the Basics

Everist Irrigation Go iLawn diagram

Go iLawn user Everist Irrigation of Bend, OR created this irrigation site diagram on Go iLawn.

Something we will add to this list is the importance of obtaining accurate property specifications before you design an irrigation system for your customers.

Keep in mind you can take a quick property measurement (or several) on Go iLawn to help you expedite your irrigation proposal. You can also layout an irrigation design on Go iLawn like the picture to the right shows.

Plus, property photos with clearly labeled valves, heads, zones and controls are helpful to your production crews as you continue to maintain irrigation systems throughout the season.


Ewing’s Landscape Irrigation Water Use Infographic

More helpful statistics and information about water usage is included Ewing’s infographic below- some of which may provide great content for your company Facebook page or Twitter feed!


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