mindset for landscape, snow or paving managers

The 5 Key Mindsets of Effective Managers

Mindset: a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.

A ‘Mindset’ is Key to a Manager’s Success and Effectiveness

mindset for landscape, snow or paving managers

Effective management is paramount to the success of any contracting business. In order for a manager to  encourage growth, run day-to-day operations and influence the success of an organization, they must understand and cultivate specific mindsets.

There are countless mindsets that a manager could adapt. But there are five key mindsets that all effective managers should adapt when it comes to managing a contracting business.

5 Key Mindsets for Effective Managers


1. The Mission Mindset

Your “mission” is your corporate center of gravity. It bonds, focuses and energizes your team around a big idea. Effective managers understand the company’s mission to succeed and their role in the mission.

How do you know your managers understand the company mission? A good way to find out is to get all of your managers in one room and give them each a piece of paper. Ask them to write down the company’s mission and compare the responses. No two managers will have the same response. Changing this is the first step towards building a mission mindset.


2. The Leadership Mindset

 Leaders are accountable, responsible and proactive. They are able to execute regardless of poor weather, resources, time, and customer conditions. Leadership is always a skill that can be improved, and a clear chain of command is a required for this mindset to flourish at your organization.


3. The Growth Mindset

 If you’re not growing, you’re dying.  Attrition is growth’s enemy and your managers must understand how impactful attrition is to the business and to growing the business. If you lose a customer, you have to replace that customer and THEN add a new customer in order to grow. This is overlooked all the time. Your managers must know how many customers are gained and lost each year, what the goals for growth are and what they must achieve to meet the goal.


4. The Competition Mindset

Effective managers must consistently analyze and understand their competition so they can improve their ability to compete.  Your managers should question vendors, customers and the marketplace about competitors. They should also keep score. Are you winning more than you lose? If not, how you can you become better prepared to compete? A SWOT analysis will help visually assess the competition and help you define offensive and defensive strategies.


5. The Service Mindset

 Effective managers know how to prioritize service when the crunch is on. They know when to skip and what they should never skip. Good managers use the 80/20 rule to prioritize service. They focus on the 20% of service that creates 80% of the customer happiness. What makes each customer happy is going to vary however, and this is where a service priority checklist can come into play. Have your customer fill one out so you know what the customer cares about and what the key aspects of your service are to them.


What mindsets do you encourage your managers to adapt?



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