Enhance Landscape, Paving and Snow Removal Diagrams with Snagit

We hear time and time again when talking with landscape, paving and snow removal contractors that their customers are truly impressed with them when they include high resolution property photos and color coded diagrams with their proposals. After all, there really is only so much a written contract can do to help someone imagine what you are proposing.

And maybe that’s the operative word, ‘imagine’. If you are simply providing a written contract for your client, how can you be sure that they interpreted the contract just as you intended them to?

Property Photos Bring Proposals to Life

This is where color-coded, labeled property photos, or site diagrams as we like to call them, come into play. Site diagrams not only show your customers, office staff and crews exactly what will be done on a property, but they can also denote when the services will be performed, who will be on the property and how it will all play out (among other things).

Most of our users can communicate these things with the basic labeling and color coding features we have in Go iLawn and Go iPave. But, we have received requests to amp these up a little. Until then, a screen capture program, like Snagit, can help you say more with your landscape, paving and snow removal diagrams.

Go iLawn, Go iPave and Snagit

Snagit is about $50, and it allows you to capture, annotate and re-size photos. I use Snagit all the time to communicate with my development team and create content for our websites. It’s easy to use and it will pay for itself again and again.

Snagit not only lets you make notes on a photo, but it also has graphics like arrows, call outs and icons you can use to bring home your point. Plus you can do things like insert your company logo on a photo.

Your Five Step Process for Go iLawn, Go iPave and Snagit

Step One: Take property measurements (color code these measurements if you would like) and label anything in the photo that you want to call out with our labeling tools.

Step Two: Save the photo to your computer. If you don’t know how to save Go iLawn and Go iPave photos, watch this video and you’ll have it mastered in no time.

Step Three: Open the photo in Snagit.

Step Four: Go to town! Use the Snagit tools to annotate key areas on the property, make a key for your color codes, insert your logo, resize or crop the photo…and the list goes on.

Step Five: Save your photo again to your computer so you retain all the changes you made to it with Snagit. You might want to name the photo something different so you have the original photo saved, and the photo with the Snagit markup saved.

Check Out These Examples:

Pavement Maintenance

Here’s an example of a paving diagram from one of our users, Associated Paving Contractors, Warminster, PA. They used our color coding features to create a clear, concise diagram of proposed services. I used Snagit to create a legend that explains what the color coding means. 

Landscaping, Lawncare, Irrigation, Design-Build and More

A simple landscape diagram for crew members that notes where irrigation controls are located on a property, where to park the truck, any important notes, like who the account manager is for the property, if they have pets etc. can be more than helpful (click on the image to see a larger view).

Snow and Ice Removal

Snow diagrams for your clients or sub contractors are priceless. Including details like who they can contact during a snow event, when you will be servicing the property and where the snow piles will be placed can help you avoid  miscommunications. We even have some clients who put a binder of property photos in each truck so the snow removal strategy is accessible whenever their crews need to be reminded of it.

Try it Today

Snagit offers a free 30-day trial on their website. Try it out and let us know what you think about using Snagit and Go iLawn or Go iPave together.

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