Property Managers… We Should Talk!

We designed our New Go iLawn software to support Service Industry professionals in the Landscaping, Lawn Care, Snow Removal and Property Maintenance industries.

We’ve been serving this market since 2009, and we think we know it better than just about anyone, so it’s no surprise that the Landscapers we talk to just LOVE the New Go iLawn.


But what did surprise us, something we didn’t expect, is that New Go iLawn is an amazingly-effective tool for Property Managers too.

Think about it… We give you high-resolution images of lawns, lots and grounds, so you can evaluate what’s there. We give you tools to measure the exact distances and square footages of service areas, so you can know exactly what work needs to be done on any site.

And just like the service industry companies who perform that work for their customers, the pros that manage property sites need to really KNOW their facilities, especially if they run their own maintenance teams and grounds crews.

Becoming a Great Property Manager

A great Property Manager knows exactly what’s on their site, and they know how much of each type of work they need to get done, both now and in the future, to maintain it. Knowing the site, and knowing it accurately, simplifies everything from budgeting how long a project will take, to estimating expenses, to purchasing materials, and even estimating maintenance schedules and labor costs.

Using Go iLawn enables you to precisely evaluate your entire site, so you’ll know it better and more accurately than anyone else. And if you have to go before your board or a management team for approvals, you’ll look extremely professional and have all the numbers (and photos and groupings) you need, right at your fingertips.

Real World Examples

Since its launch, we’ve added a surprising number of Property Management pros as users of our New Go iLawn software. A few manage golf courses or athletic field complexes, and many more of them manage big commercial and residential properties.

Because we offer our New Go iLawn under a monthly software subscription, it suddenly makes lots of sense for a property manager to use Go iLawn. For a low, monthly subscription, a property manager gets virtually unlimited access to their one site, so they can mark out work areas, track progress, and instruct work crews in exactly what to do.

The Project View

Say you manage the grounds of a large apartment complex or HOA, and you’ve got some projects in the works. Maybe you’re even planning your 2018 budget right now. But do you know how much work you need to get done? How can you budget for it? What are your options?

If you’re spending $25,000+ in time, labor, and materials next year, wouldn’t it be worth $250 to have a tool that helps you plan, understand, and track all that work?

The Go iLawn Solution

Go iLawn is ready to help you, and it’s available to trial right now. Sign up today for free. We’ll give you 2 weeks to use Go iLawn on your property at no charge.

Click Here for your 14-day trial,

What’s Next?

2 weeks from today, you’ll have a choice to make. Ask yourself if the visibility and insight you get from Go iLawn is worth $19.95 per month to you?

If so, log in to your account, punch in a credit card, and set up your monthly subscription. If not, do nothing, and your trial will end, no strings attached.

We think it’s a simple choice and one you should definitely try.

We hope you’ll agree.

~ Go iLawn Team

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