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Engage with your Employees

March is a crazy time in the Lawn and Landscaping business. Spring is here, workloads are exploding, and with cold, rain and even snow possible, environmental challenges are at their highest. To get the most out of this challenging time, you’ll need your crews to show up every morning, work long hours, and generally pull […]

Reaching your Customers

If you run any kind of service industry business, whether it’s Lawn Care, and Landscaping, Asphalt Maintenance and Sealcoating, or something else like snow removal, irrigation, or pest control, you’ve probably spent lots of time thinking about how to attract new customers. It’s almost spring season, and we’ve been thinking about it too, because NOW’s […]

My Company “Is” ???

What does your company Do?   …That should be an easy one to answer. What does your company Sell?   …Might be a bit harder, or at least more complex. What “IS” your company???   …That might just be the million dollar question. Take the time to decide what you want your company to “Be” to your customers […]

New Go iPave… It’s Here!

Looking back at 2017 and looking forward to 2018 has been especially useful for us here at Go iLawn & Go iPave this January. You see in January of 2017, we were thinking a lot about rewriting our software because, frankly, it was time. The Flash technology that had powered our software since 2009 is approaching the end of its […]

A 3-Step Prioritization Plan.

It’s the dawn of a new year… what do you plan to do differently? A New Year is here, so what now? It really depends on how well last year went. If the last year was the best year possible and you did everything just right, keep it up. No need to change anything. If, on the […]

What are you selling?

Sometimes, it helps to think differently about what your service industry business is actually selling your customer. It’s easy to get stuck in defining your “product” simply as the work you do for them, whether that be snow service, landscape service, asphalt maintenance, sweeping, or anything else. But depending on who your client is, you’re […]