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(Infographic) How Landscapers Prepare Estimates

In 2009 when we launched Go iLawn, it’s primary use and goal was to help landscape contractors measure properties online. Over the years it has evolved into a tool that not only helps with property measurement but also with sales, marketing and operations– and we owe a large part of Go iLawn’s evolution to our clients.

We’ve been fortunate that our clients have taken the time to explain the details and nuances of landscape estimating to us to help us advance our tools. We’re even more fortunate that they continue sharing their expertise and industry knowledge with us.

“How Landscapers Estimate” Survey

We recently surveyed 276 Go iLawn users about estimating and proposal generation and we gathered some great, share-worthy information from our respondents.

For example, our clients overwhelmingly responded that the most difficult part about preparing an estimate is finding the time to do it. They also said second quarter is the most popular time to receive estimate requests.

Check out these stats and more in the infographic below, and thank you to those of you who answered our survey and helped us collect this information.

Click image to enlarge infographic.

Infographic How Landscapers Estimate Final


Do you have any estimating tips or advice to share? Let us know in the comments section of this post.

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