Snow Removal Service Diagrams

A few weeks ago we shared three photos you should save for every property take off: your blank slate photo, your strategic outline photo, and your closer and communicator photo. These photos are helpful to have around no matter what service you’re measuring a property for, but probably extra helpful when it comes to snow and ice management.

Mapping out snow storage areas, lot obstacles, equipment routes and contact information for property managers, crews or subs prior to an event might help you get that extra minute you need when you’re in the midst of servicing clients at 3 am.

Snow Storage Diagram

Creating a diagram for the property owner or manager, your crews or subs, and your office staff that shows where snow will be stockpiled on the property can help you manage expectations and operations for a snow event. Our area measuring tool will help you draw a perfect circle of any size to help you point out stockpile locations.

Snow Storage Diagram Only

Snow Removal Obstacles & Important Property Information

Marking obstacles is important for the safety of your crews and your equipment. Speed bumps, drive through clearance heights, handicap stalls and property manager contact information can be easily called out with our labeling tools. Or you can use a photo program like Snagit to call out the obstacles a little louder. See an example of a snow removal obstacle diagram that has been labeled with a combination of our labeling tools and Snagit ‘callouts’ below.

Snow Diagram with Snagit labeled obstacles


Snow Removal Equipment Routes Diagram

Demonstrate proper equipment routes in your snow removal photos to help crews and subs get the job done at maximum efficiency. You can use our linear distance tool to draw arrows in your photos, or if you want a louder approach try an inexpensive photo program. You can see examples of both of these methods below. Our linear distance tool will create the smaller blue arrows and I used Snagit for the larger red arrows.

Snow routes labeled in Go iLawn and Snagit

What do you like to include in your snow and ice management diagrams? Share your tips with us in the comments section of this post.

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