One Big Question for Six Landscapers

It’s hard to believe the first month of the new year is over tomorrow. My, how time flies. We love this time of year because our customers are in Go iLawn interfaceserious ‘property measuring mode’, which means we get to talk to them more often.

Because we get to talk to them more often, we get to hear about some of their plans for what they want to do with our property measuring tools.

While this is going on, we often get to hear about the bigger picture for our clients and how what they’re doing with our property measuring tools that day will help them facilitate something that means much more than obtaining property measurements. We get to hear how it might lead to a big sale, company growth, a change in company processes and policies…a variety of things.

It’s inspiring and exciting, and it makes me want to hear more. So we asked some of our customers about their plans for 2014, specifically what they were going to do differently this year. Here’s what six Go iLawn users had to say.

Track Actual Costs Versus Estimated Costs

“Better track estimates versus production.”

Paul Opdyke
Serene Surroundings
Plymouth, MI

 Pre-Qualify Prospects

“In an effort to reduce the number of proposals we create, but INCREASE the percentage of those we close, we are going to ask those who request a proposal from us to take a few minutes and fill out and send back a short questionnaire/profile as a prerequisite to receiving a proposal from us.

While the info they provide us on the profile will help us serve them better, the simple fact that they took the time to do it shows they are serious about our services. They have already “invested” something, if only a few minutes of time. It also helps weed out those who spam out quote requests looking for the lowest bidder. That is not our ideal client, so no point in spending the time to create a proposal that will most likely go ignored.”

Greg Matson
Chesapeake Lawn Science, Inc.
Ashton, MD

Focus on Relationships

“Turn my focus back to the customer.  Over the past few years my focus has been diverted to things outside of my job description and scope.  It seems as if a lot of those distractions will be gone and I can really do what I should do, focus on my existing customers and network for new work and relationships.”

Bob Wilson
The Brickman Group
Cincinnati, OH

Use Time Tracking/Scheduling Software

“I plan to use software for scheduling that my guys can use on their mobile devices and clock in and out.”

Jose Garcia
Power Green
Franklin, TN

Create Systems and Policies

“Produce systems within the company. Job system/estimating system/client system/company policy.”

Trent Hochsprung
C.G.T. Limited
Lakeville, MN

Add Another Crew & Grow!

“My biggest plan for 2014 is to grow. My goal is to have a second crew self-maintained by Fall.”

Hal Pruitt
Covenant Enterprises, Inc.
Cumming, GA

What are your plans for this year? We would love to hear about them. Pleas share them with us in the comments section of this post.

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