A Website Checklist for Landscaping, Paving and Snow Removal Companies

A website is one of the most important components of a service business today, something we shared in a previous post on why people prefer company websites over Facebook pages.  Research shows that people go to company websites to learn more about the products they are interested in and to make buying decisions.

How Does Your Website Measure Up?

So what does your website look like? Do you have enough information available on the web for prospects and customers to learn more about your landscape, pavement maintenance or snow removal company to fulfill someone’s curiosity as to who you are and what kind of work you do?

Our friend Chris Heiler, Owner of Landscape Leadership, an inbound marketing agency for green industry companies, recently shared 7 unique web pages that all green industry– and I’ll add pavement maintenance and snow removal- companies should have.

Heiler is an inbound marketing expert and a Hubspot Certified Partner, which means he knows his stuff when it comes to attracting new customers online. If you haven’t had a chance to check out his blog, you should. It’s full of tips and colorful posts on how to leverage your online marketing assets. He can help you with this too.

7 Unique Pages All Landscape, Pavement Maintenance and Snow Removal Industry Websites Should Have

  1. Feature page for team and staff- Feature photos and bios of your prominent staff members. “People want to do business with other real people, not just a business or a brand.”
  2. Feature top leadership- Who owns the company? How did they start it? Share your story from the beginning.
  3. Create a newsroom- Client testimonials can be highlighted here. Have you made it in the local paper or a trade magazine? Or perhaps you are exhibiting at a local home and garden show? Put that here too!
  4. Highlight your credentials and affiliations– Do you belong to a trade organization, are your staff members certified? Show this off. It adds to your credibility and gives you the recognition you deserve.
  5. Identify your service area- What areas does your company service?
  6. Highlight career and job opportunities- Share any job openings or allow for people to inquire even if you aren’t currently hiring.
  7. Let visitors search your green industry websites- Give users the ability to search for specific terms to make your site easier to navigate.

More Helpful Tips & Ideas

Aside from elaborating on these 7 pages in his article, Heiler highlights some key stats and ideas to keep in mind if you are working on your landscape, paving or snow removal company’s website. For example, companies that have more than 50 pages on their site consistently attract more website visitors and generate more leads. Read the entire article here.

What enhancements have you made to your website that has increased your online exposure? Tell us in the comments section of this post.
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