Communicating To Your Clients

At Go iLawn / Go iPave, we pride ourselves in helping you win new customers. We’ve talked for years about ways you can use our software to Measure more properties to Bid more Jobs and Win more sales. And we stand by that. Go iLawn/ Go iPave provides a great tool for helping you look more professional and be more effective on the pre-sales side.

But what about communicating to your existing clients? Are you using the power of Go iLawn / Go iPave to help you both retain and expand your business with your existing customers?

In addition to evaluating jobsites, here are 2 things you may be doing with Go iLawn/Go iPave to help you communicate better with your clients.


With Go iLawn, your rates are based in fact. You can define your per-square-foot rate and then use it to produce consistent and accurate quotes. You’ll never have to take your customers’ word for it that their job is a certain size because you can measure it for yourself. And if you don’t already have a per-square-foot rate you can reverse engineer one by comparing your current rates on profitable jobs to their real square footage.

Show the Doubters

A lot of the time, residential (and many commercial) property owners have no real idea of the size of their properties in square feet. And for contractors, measuring irregularly-shaped lots, yards, drives and other features is often so difficult that other bidders will hedge their bets – pad their numbers to ensure they over-estimate square footage and don’t get stuck with unprofitable work.

If you can confidently KNOW your square footage, you can bid the job with confidence and with no need to artificially pad your numbers. Often, this makes your bid more competitive and you can win the work while knowing what it really takes to get it done.

And if the client doubts your accuracy, you can always SHOW them your property maps, and detailed spreadsheets that show all your measurements by square footage. And with Go iLawn / Go iPave, you can export all this data with only a few clicks.

Go Get Em –  The Go iLawn / Go iPave team

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