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Is Your Landscape Company Using Social Media?

Landscapers, it’s Time to Get Social!

While I was trolling the Go iLawn twitter stream looking for insightful, cool, informative things to retweet, I came across this great infographic (it covers all retweet criteria mentioned above) that was created by Landscape Leadership. It features the 11 most important social media platforms and apps for the green industry.

Best Networks for Your Landscape Business

The infographic below not only denotes the incredible number of people (potential customers) that are using these networks and apps, but it also suggests what type of company or announcement they are best suited for. For example, Twitter is a good arena for green industry professionals who want to connect with industry influencers (or those who want to follow Go iLawn on Twitter). And Pinterest, a photo sharing app, is a good fit for design-centric companies.

Take a Look:

  What social media networks and apps is your business using?

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