Streamline Your Snow Business

Our Go iLawn / Go iPave Software helps Snow and Ice Management professionals estimate jobs, generate fact-based quotes, and communicate effectively with customers and crews.

For Estimating:

Measuring parking lots, driveways and roads to produce estimates for snow and ice management can be a time consuming, laborious process- especially if you’re doing it on-site with a measuring wheel.

But not with Go iLawn. Our high resolution property photos and property measuring tools help you drastically reduce the time it takes to accurately measure properties for snow removal estimates.

For Quoting:

Go iLawn helps you measure every surface on your job-site. You can measure the square footage of areas, the linear distance of lines, and the number counted items. And you can arrange all your measurements into groups to help organize your quote.

With this facts-based evaluation of the job, you can produce estimates that are based on your time, effort, and materials (your costs) to complete the work. This helps you eliminate guesswork and quote with confidence for every service you provide.

For Creating Site Maps:

From identifying parking lots, drive lanes and sidewalks, to marking lot obstacles to avoid and where to pile snow, Go iLawn helps you clearly communicate your professional snow removal strategy to your customers, subcontractors and crews.

  • Your customers will SEE what you Are quoting them, and what you Are NOT including.
  • Your crews can SEE what’s on-site to execute the services you quoted.
  • Even contract employees who’ve never been to the site or worked for your company before can start fast and execute jobs. Just give them an address and the Go iLawn site map.

How Does it Work?

Go iLawn combines high-resolution property photos and online measuring tools in one easy-to-use application. Go iLawn users can measure any surface in North America.

Need to measure a property during a snow event? No problem! Our photos will deliver unobstructed ‘leaf-off’ views, allowing you to see the bare pavement you need to measure with no tree canopies or snow in the way.

With Go iLawn You Can:

  • Measure properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter the weather conditions.
  • Quote new work During a snow event to win over new clients.
  • Dramatically reduce drive time (labor), wear and tear on vehicles and fuel costs associated with property measurement.
  • Produce professional snow removal service diagrams for clients and crews.

See For Yourself:

Give Go iLawn a try and Streamline Your Snow Business today! Request your Free, 14-day trial now – Click Here

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