Evaluating Your Sales System

To create the ultimate selling machine, you need to build a system.

Selling is the first touch for bringing revenue into your business, and for your business to grow, you’ll need to sell more work to more customers. Companies build consistent sales systems to make this process go faster and run smoother. If selling seems harder than you think it should be, maybe this is something you should try too?

Building a better selling system will have immediate value, and the first thing you’ll want to do is take a look at how you do sales now.

Evaluate Your Current Sales Process

Before you start building a sales system, you first need to ask yourself a few key questions, like:

  • Is my current sales system efficient?
  • Can it be done by anyone in my company, or only by one or a few key employees?
  • Is it rational and consistent?

Dig a little deeper by asking yourself some strategic questions and evaluating your current processes to see how well they perform.

Is my current sales system efficient?

How long does it take, in elapsed time, on average, from the first customer inquiry until that customer has a high-quality quote in hand?

How much staff time does it take you to produce that quote? Measure your performance now, so you understand your current efficiency.

Can it be done by anyone in my company, or only by one or a few key employees?

The important part of this question is the word “Can”.

Even if there are only a couple of employees controlling the quoting and sales process now, is this a ‘transferable’ skill?

Is your quoting system so complex or custom that only you (or someone with it a lifetime of experience) can do it right? What would it take to train someone to replace them? Could you train a quality employee to start doing ‘regular’ quotes within a week or so, or would it take much longer?

Is it consistent?

If you quoted two identical properties, would you end up with the same quotes? Are your quotes built around a consistent model? Are they based on the volume of work you do and your costs to perform it, or does you rate per square foot vary from job to job?

System Requirements

If the answer to any of these three questions is no, you have a potential problem on your hands. And now is the time to fix it.

A true sales system uses consistent inputs and applies standard processes. Because the work is standardized, it becomes scale-able, and it’s much easier to teach others to do it. In the end, you create an efficient way to generate accurate quotes that always lead to profitable work.

Go iLawn / Go iPave can help.

One great thing about our Go iLawn and Go iPave software is that they can help you build an efficient and effective selling system. When you know the site and can break down each part of it into the square footage of work to be done, you have the basis for a facts-based quoting system that:

  • Is efficient
  • Can be done by anyone
  • Is consistent

And showing your customers a complete sitemap and a spreadsheet of all your measurements gives them the confidence to choose you.

Give it a try today by starting a free 14-day trial

You’ll be glad you did. ~ The Go iLawn / Go iPave team



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