Mike Rorie

Mike Rorie’s 2015 Green & White Industry Predictions

Mike Rorie

Mike Rorie

We’re wrapping up our 2015 Green and White Industry Predictions Series this week with predictions from our very own Mike Rorie. Mike has been involved in the green and white industries for over 30 years, first as the owner of GroundMasters, a Cincinnati, Ohio based commercial grounds maintenance company, and now as the owner of Go iLawn.

Mike predicts 2015 will be a good year for service contractors, although finding reliable labor will continue to be a challenge. Continue reading to hear what else Mike predicts for the new year, and if you missed our previous posts in this series from John Allin, Tom Fochtman, Marty Grunder and Domenic Chiarella, you can find them here.

Go iTalk: What do you think will be the biggest positive for the green industry in 2015?

Mike Rorie: Another good steady year with our economy. That never hurts and I see that coming. We have a good winter predicted for the country for the ’14-’15 season. It’s being compared to last year, so hopefully the result will be somewhere between a good solid year and the incredible year we had last year for everyone involved in the snow and ice management.

Go iTalk: What do you think are the biggest challenges for the green industry in 2015?

Mike Rorie: Attracting good people will likely always remain the number one challenge for small business owner operators. I do believe this transcends though into many more aspects of small business, all forms of contracting, the restaurant industry, and other service businesses.

It’s tough competing for employees and hiring them at a desirable package yet remaining competitive. It’s a fine line and that’s why your efficiencies and your product lines need to remain as streamlined as possible in order to be competitive.

Go iTalk: What impact do you think technology and/or the Internet will have on the green industry in 2015?

Mike Rorie: Technology will continue to influence our lives both personally and professionally. The challenge and/or opportunity is to gain a competitive advantage from technology. Those who embrace it and find the niches that can produce competitive benefits for their company will certainly gain an advantage over their competitors.

Go iTalk: What is your growth prediction for the green industry in 2015?

Mike Rorie: Construction and development is definitely on the rise as it has been the last two to three years, so I would certainly expect to see high single-digit maybe even low double-digit growth as increasing demand will provide the opportunity for our industry to grow in 2015.

Go iTalk: Any other 2015 predictions or comments?

Mike Rorie: Being an active member of your industry and your community is a terrific return on your time as it always has been for myself, and other industry leaders that I see staying committed to their local, state and national associations. If you are not involved in an organization where you can network with other business owners, make it a goal to get involved in 2015. I’m certain it will be enlightening and beneficial – and happy New Year everyone.

What do you think is in store for the green and white industries next year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section of this post.


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