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The Small Things Count When You Want to be the Best Service Provider

The Big Picture is Important, But What Else Can You Do?

Snow Plow

It’s a given that providing great landscape, pavement maintenance or snow removal services will directly influence the success and reputation of your service company. It’s also what landscape, paving and snow removal companies excel at. They’re terrific at their craft, and it shows.

Small Things + Big Picture = Major Success

But there are also small, easy things your employees can do to help build your service company’s reputation around town. For example, how do your employees greet people they encounter on site. With a smile? You would hope so, right?

Here are a few easy things your employees can do to make your service company stand out:

4 Small Things to Make You Stand Out as The Best:

  1. Turn it Off- Shut off your equipment when a pedestrian or vehicle approaches. Not only is this polite, but it shows you care about the safety of your customers and their ‘customers’ or tenants who are on site.
  2. Lend an Arm- If your crew is onsite for a snow event during business hours, train your staff to help others walk to their vehicles. Ladies in heels will especially appreciate an arm to hold on to.
  3. Help Out- If you’re servicing a residential property on garbage day, wheel the empty cans up toward the house for your customer. It’s one less thing they will have to do when they get home from a long day at work- and a gesture that won’t be overlooked.
  4. Program Your Calendar- Send a birthday card or email to special customers on their birthdays. Program the dates into your email calendar or smartphone so you won’t forget.

These small gestures are easy to execute and will go far with your clientele. When someone’s parking lot needs serviced again, or their maintenance contract is up for renewal, you’ll be fresh in their mind.

What do you do to stand out from your competition? Send your comments about this post to [email protected].

“We do as many little “perks” as time allows. During winter for example, for our seniors w/ pets, we make sure they have a “pet area” (like I said as time allows). It’s a lot easier to do “perks” in summer months, removing old brush, garden ideas, planting small plants while the team is mowing, just little “perks” to help them remember OUR name. This season we worked off of two clients, from the mother to her daughter, their neighbor, her fried, and on and on. PERKS worked for us! WE LOVE LANDSCAPING!!” -Leroy Cornish of Twin-Cities Green Team LLC, Minneapolis, MN




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