Mike Rorie's Predictions for 2013

Mike Rorie’s 2013 Green Industry Predictions

Out With The Old.  In With The New.
It’s that time of year again.  The ideal time for you to reflect on what went right and wrong over the past 365 days. And then apply that experience and insight to help make 2013 your best year yet.

The 2013 Green Industry Crystal Ball?
It’s also a great time to make some 2013 green industry predictions. Now we don’t have a crystal ball for these predictions, but we did get Mike Rorie.  Here’s a guy who successfully navigated over 3 decades in the Green Industry. Within that time he’s grown landscape and snow businesses through good and bad economic cycles, favorable and unfavorable political environments, dealt with the impact of national crisis events (9/11/2001), etc. You get the picture.

Mike Rorie’s 2013 Green Industry Predictions
Here’s our interview with Mike and his predictions for the year ahead….

Go iTalk: What do you think will be the biggest positive for the Green Industry in 2013?

Mike Rorie:  With the elections over we’ll gain some certainty from the government that will allow businesses and consumers to move forward, versus the indecision and paralysis they faced while waiting to see who was elected.  So Green Industry contractors will be selling to more prospects who are now ready to buy.

Go iTalk: What do you think are the biggest challenge to the Green Industry in 2013?

Mike Rorie:  Higher costs and greater regulation will make it more challenging for small Green Industry businesses to grow.

Go iTalk: What impact do you think technology and / or the Internet will have on the Green Industry in 2013?

Mike Rorie:Technology and the Internet will have a negative impact on Green Industry businesses who don’t adapt to it.  You simply can’t ignore it’s importance any longer.  Green companies that are not leveraging technology and the Internet in 2013 will have a big disadvantage in the marketplace.

For Green Industry businesses that embrace it, technology and the Internet will open up tremendous operational, measuring, management, marketing and sales competitive advantage in a non tech-savvy marketplace.  Green companies that effectively use technology and the Web will enjoy better efficiency and market intelligence, superior communication both internally (between employees) and externally (with customers) and can make every aspect of their business more effective and profitable.

Go iTalk: What is your growth prediction for the Green Industry in 2013?

Mike Rorie: I see high single digit  growth of 5 – 10% for companies that strategically and actively pursue growth and are prepared to receive it.

Go iTalk: Any other 2013 predictions for the Green Industry?

Mike Rorie:  The Green Industry is very resilient, as are the leaders in it.  I believe 2013 will be a satisfying year of gain for the businesses in it!

What Do You Think?
Do you agree / disagree with Mike?  Let us know and give us your 2013 Green Industry predictions in the comments.   Happy New Year!


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