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Use Better Words To Beat Low Cost Landscape Providers

Words Are Powerful. Words are vehicles that transfer ideas, emotions and meaning to others.  We live in a world of limited attention, too much information and marketing overload.   It’s never been more important to choose your marketing words carefully. Better Landscape Marketing Is About Deeper Meaning And Context Maximize the words in your marketing. […]

10 Secrets Of Success

Lost And Found Not long ago, I found a box in my basement containing an old desk set. Inside was a faded newspaper clipping I kept under the glass of my old desk. The title of the clipping read:  IBD’s 10 Secrets Of Success. IBD stands for Investors Business Daily, a paper started in the 1950’s by William […]

Research Study: Customers Still Prefer Websites Over Facebook Pages

It seems everywhere you look companies are spending increasing time and dollars building their Facebook presence. These businesses are spending more time and resources chasing “likes” on their Facebook pages than refining the content appeal, lead generation and conversion elements of their website.  It makes for an interesting question… Should You Invest More In Facebook […]

It’s THE Question of MOTIVATION

This is the third post in the Monthly Motivation Series.  You can read the others here. How A QUESTION of Motivation Can Turn Tragedy Into Triumph When he was 9 years old, John O’Leary was in a house fire and suffered 3rd degree burns on 87% of his body.   Doctors told his family there […]

Motivation: The Business Athlete’s Challenge

This is the second post in the Monthly Motivation Series.  You can read the others here. We Are All Athletes Anyone interested in improving their own performance or the performance of others in any field should look through the lens of athlete.  Here’s how I define an athlete: An athlete is someone who is consciously or unconsciously engaged in […]

How To Create Power Proposals That Make Sales

A “power  proposal” is a strategic sales tool designed to bridge the gap between your sales proposition and your prospects purchase decision. A Power Proposal adheres to three distinctive principles:  Speed.  Organization.  Presentation. Speed – Power Proposals can be created in minutes. For many landscape contractors writing a proposal is a laborious process and takes […]

Monthly Motivation Series:

This is the first post in the Monthly Motivation Series.  Subscribe to receive new posts via email. Motivation Is Power The core of any service business is people.  And the level at which people perform in the workplace is connected to their level of motivation. The best service businesses have motivated leaders and management.  They […]