Salesforce Blueprint for Facebook Image post

8 Tips for the Perfect Facebook Post for Your Landscape or Paving Company

We love connecting with our customers and friends on Facebook at Go iLawn and Go iPave. We’ve found it’s a great way to announce product updates, share helpful articles and chat with our customers. And we know you do too! We check out the Facebook pages of our landscape, pavement maintenance and snow removal companies daily.

Lawns & Parking Lots & Snow Piles…Oh My!

On your pages we see a lot of photos of completed landscape installations, beautifully striped lawns, newly sealcoated lots and fresh line striping- and those are usually our favorite posts. We enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor and the product of your expertise.

On our pages we post photos of our products too. We try to demonstrate how our high resolution property photos and property measuring tools can help contractors sell to, communicate with and service their clients. And we’re always looking for ways to make our posts better so they are more helpful, fun and engaging.

Luckily, created a set of social media blueprints that offer tips on how to create the best Facebook posts, tweets and more. Because we love seeing posts with your photos, we pulled out the blueprint for tips on posting images on Facebook.

Here are 3 helpful tips from the Blueprint:

  • Post Copy: Keep it short and personal. 90 characters is recommended in the infographic below, and if you can ask a question with those 90 characters that makes it even better.
  • Upload an Image: They suggest to upload photos with bright colors like red and orange, close-up people and to avoid logos. Also be sure your photos that are 300 x 300. Bright flowers and yellow line striping come to mind…
  • Mobile First: Use simple imagery, short copy and yes/no questions on your page because close to 70% of your fans are going to see your posts on a mobile device.

Check out 5 more tips in the blueprint below:

perfect facebook post salesforce infog





Flip through the entire set of Salesforce’s  Blueprints for Perfect Social Media Posts.


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