Use Better Words To Beat Low Cost Landscape Providers

Words Are Powerful.
Words are vehicles that transfer ideas, emotions and meaning to others.  We live in a world of limited attention, too much information and marketing overload.   It’s never been more important to choose your marketing words carefully.

Better Landscape Marketing Is About Deeper Meaning And Context
Maximize the words in your marketing.  Use words that tap into the deeper value and benefit your service provides. Wrap them in the context of solving your customer’s pain or understanding their world.   Help them see what you want them to see – clearly.

Using The Right Words To Beat Low Cost Providers
Many years ago there was a successful barber.  The sign on his shop said “$10 haircuts”.  One day, a new barbershop opened across the street.  On it was a big sign that said – “haircuts only $5”.

The successful barber started losing customers to his low cost competitor.  He knew his business would suffer if he didn’t change his marketing.  One month later, the successful barber had more business than ever.

The sign on the successful barber’s door now said “WE FIX $5 HAIRCUTS”.

How can you use better words to beat low cost providers in your landscape marketing, bids and proposals?

Watch this video and you may find just the inspiration you need to use better words to market your business…

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