5 Reasons to Start Early

Yeah, this guy gets it.

When you’re looking to grow your service industry business, it’s a great idea to start early… Even if you have to wear a hat.

It’s the last week of February, and this is the time when service industry businesses in cold-climate states are just starting up their season.

For companies near us in Southwest Ohio, it’s realistic for green industry teams to jump into full production by March 1st with Asphalt companies following shortly after (weather permitting).

But is there an advantage to getting an early start? Absolutely! Here are just a few:

  1. Hiring – By starting earlier, you have access to a larger (and likely better) pool of potential new hires. Companies who start up later can only pick from the workers you decided not to accept.
  2. Availability – If you’re staffed and operational now, you’re ready to take on jobs that come in unexpectedly. When that big HOA calls with a new contract opportunity, you’ll be glad you’re ready to jump on it and win that customer for the long term.
  3. Overhead – Consider the “Time Value of Money”. Everything your business owns costs you cash every day, whether you’re using it to make money or not. Even if your early season days aren’t as profitable as later ones, there’s an increased advantage to offsetting those overhead costs NOW, vs paying for today’s costs with tomorrow’s income.
  4. Exposure – When your trucks are out on the road in your service area, people see them. If your trucks are among the first they see, they’ll likely make more of an impression. And the sight of your crews out there working may prompt other customers to start thinking about work they need done this Spring.
  5. Total Available Market – Simply, there will only be so much work that is available to you this season, and your company will have a finite ability to execute it before season’s end. By starting earlier, you maximize both your ability to GET this work and your ability to DO this work.

So here’s to all you early starters. You’re doing it right!

Good Luck – The Go iLawn / Go iPave team

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