How do YOU use Go iLawn / Go iPave?

We often talk about our Go iLawn / Go iPave software as a tool to help you Measure, Bid, and Win more jobs. But we think that’s only part of the story.

When I talk to our customers, they usually tell me they use Go iLawn / Go iPave for one or more of the following three things:

  1. Pre-Sales Assessment – Using our measurement tools to produce the data they need to create a complete and accurate quote for service.
  2. Sales Process – Using our imagery, drawing, grouping, and sorting tools to present information to their customers while selling.
  3. Operations – Creating a detailed Property Map of a jobsite and using it as a visual aid to help crews understand the scope and process for doing work on the site.

And sometimes I’ll hear about inventive ways people use us in their Billing… Staffing… Material Ordering… or other applications.

I think almost everyone who uses our software, does use it in the pre-sales process. But I also think many of them have barely scratched the surface of what they could be doing. These users could get even more value from our software by using it across more of their business.

Do you use us for Pre-Sales?

Do you use us to help make the Sale?

Do you use us to help guide your crews?

We want to know how YOU use Go iLawn / Go iPave.

And if you do use our software, and you plan to be at GIE+EXPO 2016 this October 19-21, you’re invited to come tell us how you use Go iLawn / Go iPave. Respondents will be entered for a chance to win a package plan of free access to our software!

We’ll be easy to find, in the Snow & Ice Pavilion in Go iLawn Booth #9055. And while you’re there, let us know… What is Go iLawn / Go iPave TO YOU?

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