Facebook Posting Strategies for Landscapers

Most companies use Facebook for a variety of reasons: to promote the company, communicate with customers and prospects, handle customer service issues, increase brand awareness etc. Whatever the reason(s) your company uses Facebook, it’s probably a given that you’re hoping your posts will encourage engagement and interaction on your page as much as possible.

We’ve found some great post suggestions in an infographic on Entrepreneur magazine’s website to help you do just that. These suggestions are not only easy to implement, but they’re also backed up by some cold hard stats that make them hard to ignore. Plus, we found many of our customers were already using some, all or a combination of these post suggestions on their pages- and they appear to be working!

7 Strategies That Will Boost Engagement On Your Facebook Landscaping Page

1. Boost Your Content – We live in a digital world where everyone is competing for attention on social media platforms. Facebook’s newer algorithm shows posts that it thinks users want to see, so unless you already have a large following on your company Facebook page, it will be difficult to grasp the attention of potential customers. You can boost, or advertise, your posts for just a few dollars to help you reach new followers. Once those new Facebook users see and interact with your posts, you will increase your reach organically without needing to spend in the future.

2. Create Engage-Worthy Content – Unfortunately, your Facebook followers don’t just want to hear about your business. They want to see posts that grab their attention, tell a story, or evoke enough thought that encourages them to engage with your posts. Consider adding eye-catching photos and videos to grab more than 5 seconds of your followers’ attention.

Landscape facebook post

This example incorporates an eye-catching gif of various sitemap angles created with Go iLawn and a concise statement to go with it.

3. Get People Talking – Posts that encourage followers to respond increase your engagement on Facebook. A comment and reaction on your post from one user can make your post appear organically to their friends and followers as well. Consider asking questions in your posts to drive comments and engagement, such as “It’s warming up! What spring activities are you most excited for?” It’s a simple question that most people will have an answer for, and by creating content that welcomes conversation, you’ll drive your page engagement while learning more about your followers.lawn care facebook post
4. Interact with Your Followers –  Responses and interactions with people on your page will increase your engagement. When you create the posts that welcome responses or questions, like the one above, don’t just look at your followers’ comments. Interact with them and build relationships with your audience. They’ll be more likely to continue engaging with your posts in the future.

5. Avoid Asking for Engagement –  While you want your audience to engage, you don’t want to beg for it. You also don’t want to work against Facebook’s algorithm by including “comment below” or “like this” in your post – Facebook tries to limit these posts and keep them out of newsfeeds due to the overwhelming number of posts like this on the platform. Instead, create beautiful, engaging content that makes users naturally want to engage with your posts.

6. Post More Often – You can’t get engagement if you don’t post.  Make sure you are posting high quality content multiple times per week. Create a Facebook posting schedule, such as a company-related post on Monday, a current event post on Tuesday (that is somehow relevant to your business), a funny or heartwarming post on Wednesday, etc. The more you post, the higher the chances of engaging and growing your audience.

7. Post Native Content –  You want to keep people on Facebook to continue engaging with your posts. While a mix of content is recommended, you don’t want to take your post viewers to another site every time. You risk the viewers forgetting that they were on Facebook, and you lose that engagement opportunity you wanted. If you want to reference a blog in your post, include the link, but also add your commentary to the post as well. Your viewers will find your comments insightful and will be more likely to view your page than they would be if you were to link them away from Facebook. lawn care facebook post ideas
Have you tried any of these posting methods? If so, what type of post provoked the most engagement with your fans? Let us know in the comments section of this post.