Would you spend $350 to save $3,500?

Using Go iLawn or Go iPave, you can!

EVERY service business needs an account on Go iLawn / Go iPave, even if only to save 10X your costs by reducing trips to customer sites.

On the pre-sale side:

How much does it cost you to send a man and a truck to a potential client site? On average, we’re guessing it could easily cost you $35.00 in fuel costs, equipment wear and labor cost for drive time, just to get your estimator to the work-site and back. That’s not to mention the lost productivity while your top guys are behind the wheel instead of selling your services.

With Go iLawn or Go iPave, you can view, measure, estimate and review a site using our aerial imagery instead of sending your team to the jobsite. If you want to access 100 properties this year, your cost-per-address is $3.50. Would adding $31.50 to the bottom line of every job you do this year make an impact on your profit margin?

Even if you don’t want to use Go iLawn / Go iPave to MAKE more money, a simple cost savings model looks at each of these lookups as opportunities to save the money you already have.


Travel costs get added in every time you make a trip to the client’s site, whether it’s to measure a space, estimate a change in job scope, or drop off a proposal. Wouldn’t it be nice if the first time you sent a truck and a crew to a site was also the first time you did billable work for the client?

Maybe we can’t prevent every trip, but for every trip we CAN prevent, you save money.

Breaking an Unprofitable Habit:

If you’re like many landscaping companies or asphalt contractors you always visit a customer site before you do any work there. Sometimes, this is an important step if you’re meeting the customer for the first time or getting detailed instructions on what they want done. Other times, you may be just doing it out of habit.

And Being Faster:

Of course there will be jobs where you need to go onsite to make an accurate quote. But for jobs that can be quoted remotely, you can save unprofitable trips and give your business the important competitive advantage of speed; the first “good” quote in the customer’s hands often wins the job, and with Go iLawn / Go iPave, you can quote some jobs online while the other guys are still driving!

Other benefits you may not have thought about.

  1. Making the most of your limited resources – How many jobs can you quote in a season? 50? 500? With Go iLawn, we see residential lawncare professionals that quote 5,000+ every year, and with Go iPave, driveway sealcoaters do the same thing. Try sending an estimator to 5,000 jobsites!
  2. Covering a wider area – Would you drive 75 miles for a chance to bid a mid-sized job? Maybe not. But would you drive that far to complete a job you’ve won? More likely. With online measuring, you can quote properties that it doesn’t make sense to drive to, then send your crews out only to do the job once you’ve won it.
  3. Repeatability – Using our online software, you can measure a property once, then save your work and re-use it next year. Or you can use it to quote multiple services through the year. If you measure an apartment complex for a landscape or asphalt job in the spring, you can also measure their lots for snow removal and use that info to quote them in the fall.

We think every service industry company should use Go iLawn or Go iPave as part of their quoting and operations processes. That’s no secret; we can help you make more money! But even companies that don’t use our tools every day to MAKE more money can use them every week to SAVE money.

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