Tool Tip – Tags and The Sidebar

The Sidebar in the New Go iLawn / Go iPave includes your address, groups and print & save options. But did you know it also allows you to open a hidden set of project management tools we call the Project Tags Menu?

To access it, open your project and click the + sign next to the “Project Tags & Options” (at top left, below our logo).

The Project Tags Menu

In this menu, (pictured) you can add tags to your projects to empower our tag-based project management system.

These tags control user access, sorting and visibility of your projects in the My Projects Screen. Here’s how it works:

Our Default Tags…

Every project starts with at least one tag: the Username Tag of the user who created it. (Your username is the part of your login email that comes before the @ sign). Projects that match to an identified parcel address also get Location Tags that list the State, County, City, and Zip Code.

… For Sharing

If you have a single-user “Pro” account the Username Tag may not mean much, but in multi-user, “Team”, “Group”, “Enterprise”, and custom accounts, it allows you to share access to your project with other users.

Regular “User” accounts in Go iLawn/Go iPave (Not “Admin” or “Manager” roles) normally have limited access, to only the projects they create. But you can share your projects with other users. To do so, just “Tag” the project with their Username using the “Add a Tag” option. Now it will appear in their projects list, and they have access to open and edit it.

… For Sorting

The Location Tags are great for sorting jobs by state, town, county, or zipcode. From the My Projects screen, just  use the “search tags” box at upper left to find a list of projects that share a tag.

Your Custom Tags:

We also recommend using your own tagging system to help sort jobs by characteristics that are meaningful to you. You can search and sort via your custom tags, just like the location tags above. How you use them is really up to you.

Here are some tagging ideas:

  • Tag by Branch – To designate your branch location that serves the property
  • Tag by Customer – To group all the jobs you do for a specific company or property manager
  • Tag by Salesperson – To allow your account managers to see their jobs grouped together
  • Tag by Service – To differentiate maintenance from design-build or year-round from seasonal jobs or etc…
  • Tag by Crew or Crew Type – To sort by the operations team executing work on-site
  • Tag by Won/Lost – To sort by whether your bid was accepted or not
  • Tag by Time – To sort your jobs by the day, week, month, or year you bid, won, or performed them

We give you options for naming, tagging and sorting your projects, and how you use them is really up to you.

How do you use Tags? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Tagging! ~ The Go iLawn / Go iPave Team

For more tool tips, see our main Tool Tips Page

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