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With the New Go iLawn/Go iPave, your work is automatically preserved for you and accessible from the “My Projects” screen.

Here’s The Basics of how it works:

  1. You Create a Project when you search for a location (address, Lat/Long, City) and receive imagery of it via Go iLawn/Go iPave.
  2. This Project is automatically added to your “My Projects” list and saved for you.
  3. Any updates you make by measuring, labeling, or formatting this Project are automatically saved for you in real-time.
  4. You can access and edit any Project in your list from any device, at no additional charge with your active subscription.

Accessing My Projects

From any other screen in your Go iLawn/Go iPave software, click “My Projects” from the top navigation bar to bring up the My Projects screen (Pictured above).

Using the My Projects Screen

All your projects are listed on the My Projects screen. the most-recently-accessed project will be at top left, with previous projects listed across and then down the page.

To open any project, simply locate it in the list (use the search function if necessary) and click anywhere on the graphic “Tile” for that Project. The Project will open and you have full access to view, change, and save it.


At the Left of the My Projects screen is the list of all your active Tags. Go iLawn and Go iPave automatically “Tag” new projects with the username of the user who created the project, as well as the State, County, City, and Zip Code for the searched location.

Selecting any Tag from the list causes the My Projects screen to only show the Projects that include that Tag. You can also search the Tags section independently of the project search.

Tagging offers a convenient and powerful way to segment your Projects by geography. You can also add your own tags to any project when you have it open, to sort by any criterion you like. Tagging and sorting can be down by branch location, by salesperson, by job-type, by the crew assigned to perform the work, or by anything that makes sense for your business.

Does it Work For You?

Does your company use the tagging system? Let us know about it in the comments.


The Go iLawn / Go iPave team

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