Tis The Season… To Think Strategy!

Winter is here; Time to think about 2016!

It’s official… the 2015 season is now a memory, and 2016 is upon us. If your 2016 plan is still a blank sheet of paper, it’s time to start planning!

For our Green Industry and Asphalt maintenance pro customers, the off season isn’t a time to take a long rest; it’s time to prepare for next season’s success.

Have you made strategic plans for 2016?

As we start 2016, what are your goals? How do you plan to reach them? And what steps can you take now and throughout the year to make sure your success becomes a reality?

Setting Your Strategy:

At Go iLawn / Go iPave, we believe that having a strong strategic plan is a vital part of driving your success. And every strategy needs plans for execution, a budget, and guiding principles to help it succeed.

So this season, we’ve created a 4-part series on thinking and planning strategically for next year. We hope these posts can help some of our clients utilize proven business strategies to drive growth in 2016. Some of these are things we’ve observed with our customers and some we’ve developed ourselves. Some talk about resources available from others and some talk about how to use our system to get ahead.

Feel free to use and adapt these to your business, or maybe just read through to see if they give you any new ideas?

And Remember: While some strategies are better than others, the worst possible strategy is not having one.

4 Articles to Help You Plan

As you plan for the coming year, you’ll need to set goals, and you’ll need to define strategies for reaching them. Our series: Tis The Season… To Think Strategy looks at 4 aspects of thinking and planning strategically for 2016.

Part 1 – Setting Your Goals (12/04/2015)

Part 2 – Finding New Business (12/11/2015)

Part 3 – Winning More Sales (12/18/2015)

Part 4 – Executing More Efficiently (12/30/2015)


Like this series? Have something to add? Disagree with something we’ve said? Let us know in the Comments! 


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