5 Tips to Grow Your Contracting Business with Facebook

Facebook marketing for landscapersWhat “Icon”, “Milestone” and “Cover Photo” Mean for your Business

Icons. Milestones. Cover Photo. Sounds like content from a Sports Illustrated Magazine right? But really, it’s Facebook lingo.

These are terms we learned in the “Facebook” context when we launched Facebook fan pages for our Go iLawn and Go iPave brands a few months ago. Slowly but surely we have been learning more about using our Facebook fan page to communicate with fans, build a strong following and, of course, get as many ‘likes’ as possible.

In that effort, we came across this infographic.  It helps explain the nuts and bolts of the new Facebook fan page and timeline and may introduce you to some new lingo along the way….

Five Ways to Make your Facebook Timeline Pay off

  1. Review your page often. Fans can message your page, so you don’t want to leave a customer service request hanging out unanswered.
  2. The Admin Panel gives you a nice summary and metrics on your page’s performance. Look for marketing opportunities.
  3. You cannot create a customized landing page in Timeline. You have to link visitors elsewhere for special promotions etc.  Make sure your website is the home of that page.
  4. Use the activity log to navigate your page’s history and review the experience your visitors are having.  Does it create a compelling marketing message for your company.
  5. Hide posts that are old, irrelevant etc. rather than deleting them. They still carry search engine optimization advantages to help increase your company’s online visibility.

Check it out:


Facebook Timeline Guide for Business Pages

Like it or not, Facebook can no longer be ignored as a marketing channel for your business. How are you using it?

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