The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Networks for Your Landscape, Paving or Snow Removal Company

Getting found by prospective customers for your landscape, paving or snow removal business via social media networks is crucial these days. It’s clear that consumers research, interact with and validate businesses online. So it’s up to you to put your best foot forward when building your online presence. You’ve got to show the public you are here, you are great, and they will be happy with their decision to work with you.

In order to do this effectively, it’s important to post information on your social media networks often. And not only often, but at the optimal time during the day. Unfortunately, the optimal time for all social media interaction isn’t necessarily universal. It varies from network to network.

‘So what is the rule of thumb for posting on each network?’, You Ask

Lucky for us, the experts at Social Caffeine compiled social network posting guidelines in an easy to read infographic for the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google + and Pinterest. Whether you are on one of these networks, all of them, or none of them, these are quick and easy guidelines that will hopefully help you  better connect with your customers and prospects.

Facebook’s Peak Time is Wednesday at 3 pm

During the week, the best time to post on Facebook is between 1 pm and 4 pm. Wednesday at 3 pm is when traffic peaks on the site. Avoid posting between 8 pm and 8 am, as traffic begins to build after 9 am. Also avoid posting on the weekend for your business- especially if no one is around to monitor comments and interaction on your accounts.

Twitter’s Traffic Builds Monday-Thursday after 11 am

You’ll have the greatest success reaching your Twitter followers Monday-Thursday from 1 pm-3 pm. Traffic builds on the site after 11 am on any given day and fades after 3 pm. Avoid posting from 8 pm-9 am and after 3 pm Friday.

Linked In is Busiest Tuesday-Thursday

Linked In is busy before and after business hours Tuesday-Thursday. So 7 am-9 am, or 5 pm-6 pm are the windows to comment in your Linked In Groups and interact with your connections. Avoid posting on Monday and Friday if you have something really awesome to share.

See the guidelines mentioned above for posting to Facebook, Twitter and Linked In for your landscape, paving or snow removal company’s networks, as well as the best and worst times for Google + and Pinterest in this infographic:


P.S.- Schedule Your Social Media Posts To Meet Peak Times

Keep in mind there are several free social media scheduling tools out there that you can use to schedule your social media updates in advance to help you get the word out when it matters the most. We use hootsuite to schedule our tweets when we need to, and I would recommend it.

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