Reaching your Customers

If you run any kind of service industry business, whether it’s Lawn Care, and Landscaping, Asphalt Maintenance and Sealcoating, or something else like snow removal, irrigation, or pest control, you’ve probably spent lots of time thinking about how to attract new customers.

It’s almost spring season, and we’ve been thinking about it too, because NOW’s the time to create your customer messaging plan. How will you reach your customers, and what will you say to them?

In this context, we recommend you think about 3 things you want to influence:

1 – Awareness: Creating your Visibility to your customer.

At the very least, a customer must know two things about your company

  • You exist
  • You perform the work they want done

… And of course it’s also best to provide a convenient or memorable way to reach you.

2 – Motivation: What drives your customer to act, and can you influence it?

What’s important to your customer, and what “need” or desire will they meet by hiring you?

3 – Timing: What makes them decide to act “Now”, and can you get in front of them at the right time?

When do they become motivated, and how do you reach them when They’re Ready to hear from you?

The 1,2,3s of building YOUR customer communication plan

As you build your plan for customer communication in 2018, remember these as the 1, 2, and 3 steps in building customer engagement:

Awareness is the baseline… if they don’t know about you, you’ve got nothing, so focus on this first.

Motivation is next… If you have something that CAN motivate your customer, you have a chance to succeed, so this is second.

Timing is what makes it fly… If you catch them when they’re ready to hear from you, that’s when you can really win, so it’s third.


Go Get Em,

The Go iLawn / Go iPave team

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