Improving Focus At Your Service Industry Business

Recently, we read an article on improving focus in your work. After thinking about it, we believe this is something our Service Industry customers could benefit from putting more “focus” on.

The article is clearly written with office staff in mind, but if you think your field crews aren’t affected by the same distractions that bombard office workers every day or aren’t disrupted by the temptation to multitask, you’re likely wrong.

The Universal

Yes, your “work” might be unique, but your workers are not. And the same disruptions and distractions that derail productivity in offices can apply to your Service Industry Workforce, or any workforce in any industry.

The distractions of modern life don’t only affect those of us that work in offices. When your email arrives on the smartphone in your pocket with a ‘ping’, it’s no less distracting than when it flashes on a screen on someone’s desktop.

Yet we’ve never heard one of our customers express the value of administrative productivity aids like the ones office workers in other companies adopt.

The Bias of Specialization

And to us, this reveals a larger truth about the biases you’ll find in companies that operate in specialized industries. We all tend to disregard generalist information if it wasn’t specifically designed or adapted to our industry.

And because every company builds its culture on how it’s unique, this bias is universal. We’ve seen it in huge corporations, consulting firms, high-tech (hardware & software) companies, manufacturing companies, law firms, advertising agencies, and, of course, in service industry companies.

Using What’s Universal

Sure, it’s easy to pick something apart and think of how it doesn’t apply to us, but it is far better to do everything possible to gain productivity. And ignoring best practices from other industries is a huge missed opportunity; you never know where your next productivity improvement is going to come from.

Maybe there’s something you can use in these 8 Ways To Improve Your Focus At Work, and maybe not, but the important thing is to always be looking to improve.

So take a moment to think about how these 8 techniques might apply in your business. Simple things like shutting down alerts can keep interruptions at bay, and training your crews to use a time tracker might help you to better understand your labor costs.

We’re betting you get at least one new idea for operating your crews with more efficiency… and in the end, that’s what we’re all after. Take your wins wherever you find them!

What Works For You?

Let us know if you’re using any of these techniques already and how they work for you.

And what other unexpected sources provided your last productivity breakthrough? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks ~ the Go iLawn / Go iPave team.


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