How am I supposed to measure that?

Sometimes, our customers come to us with stories about their most difficult property measurements.

For Landscape:

For Landscape companies, these are often places where a job requires segmenting mulch from turf and measuring out complex maps of what materials and equipment are needed for certain parts of jobs.

For Asphalt:

In the Asphalt maintenance industry, I’ve talked to guys who had to measure out the entire asphalt area of four adjacent HOA neighborhoods, including segmentation of milling, patching and linear footage of crack sealing.

For Snow:

We’ve also seen measurements for 300,000 square foot business park snow removal jobs that included multiple entrances, drives and oddly-shaped parking areas, as well as drive lanes, sequence of work, coverage with ice melt, and designated snow storage maps.

Having the Best Tools:

At Go iLawn / Go iPave, we pride ourselves in giving service industry professionals the best tools available to measure outdoor properties, whatever their needs.

Although we support customers who work only on turf and others who work only on asphalt, we know that a big part of what we help our clients do is separate the two when bidding their work.

Whether you’re working on the turf or working on the asphalt, it can be very important to separate the two. Unfortunately, many commercial client properties are a dizzying mix of surfaces like in the picture above. Even if I send a guy out there with a wheel to measure the property, it will be difficult for him to give me the square footage of the turf, the asphalt, and the sidewalks.

The Challenge:

The challenge becomes getting an accurate measurement of the square footage you’re going to be working on. He’s going to need a graphing calculator and an advanced understanding of geometry, just to make a reasonable estimate, and, unfortunately, this can be so complex that many contractors just make a guess.

Even measuring this kind of area with an advanced tool like go iLawn or Go iPave can be a challenge. All those lines and curves are tedious to draw, and measuring a property like this can take more time than expected. That’s why we’re always updating our software to make it more powerful and efficient.

More Power:

Case in point… earlier this summer, we introduced a new set of editing tools that make it a lot easier to get your complex measurements done and done right. We can copy, resize, rotate, and edit shapes, so you don’t have to draw everything manually, saving you time and effort.

See It In Action

Here’s a video that shows these tools in action: Click Here

So whether you want to measure the turf, measure the lot, or measure something else, you can get the right measurement, faster and easier with our tools. And if you’re laying gravel, asphalt, mulch, or other material to a specific depth, we can calculate how much material you’ll need to cover a specific set of areas. Give us a call at (800) 326-9145 to see how.

Measure. Bid. Win.

In all, Go iLawn and Go iPave are powerful automation tools that help you MEASURE more properties faster and more accurately, so you can BID on more jobs with more confidence and greater attention to detail and ultimately WIN more business using our property maps, spreadsheets and tools for a better sales process.

Try It:

Interested? Maybe you should give it a try?

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