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Why Is It So Hard To Delegate At A Service Business?

This post includes an excerpt from my column in the July-August 2012 issue of Snow Business. Learning to delegate responsibilities at a landscape, paving or snow removal company is a hard skill to master for most service business owners. I can still remember how tough it was for me to delegate some of my responsibilities at […]

3 Books Your Management Team Should Read this Summer

Effectively managing and developing an all-star team at your landscape, pavement maintenance or snow removal contracting business is a huge undertaking. It takes a lot of time and patience and sometimes it can can be very trying. But it’s also one of the biggest rewards you’ll reap and a key component to building your company’s […]

The 5 Key Mindsets of Effective Managers

Mindset: a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. A ‘Mindset’ is Key to a Manager’s Success and Effectiveness Effective management is paramount to the success of any contracting business. In order for a manager to  encourage growth, run day-to-day operations and influence the success of an organization, they must […]

4 Ways to Determine if You Are Over Diversified

Imagine Firing 70% of your customers. What would drive someone to fire customers? Todd Pugh, owner of Todd’s Enviroscapes in Louisville, OH, did exactly that, which he talks about in the Lawn and Landscape March 2012 cover story “Leaner and Greener”. Pugh decided he wanted to focus on customers that brought him $10,000 or more annually. […]

3 Keys to Strategic Job Routing

Strategically Route Your Fleet for Best Use of Time, Fuel, Employees and More Job routing is an area that contractors commonly overlook when scheduling service to their clients. We spend our lives behind the wheel of a truck (that is usually pulling a trailer) to sell our work, service our customers and put out fires. […]

Five Advantages of Systems Driven Companies

Great systems are the secret ingredient in your recipe for business success. Once they are put in place, your contracting business will not only increase profit, reduce expenses and scale faster than ever before, but you will also enjoy some key advantages along the way. Here are five key advantages to systems driven businesses: Advantage […]