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Disaster Recovery… GIE+EXPO 2016

There are no do-overs in business. You have an opportunity. You take your best shot at it. You live with the results. That’s just how it is… A fact that I was reminded of at last week’s GIE+EXPO 2016 show (GIE) in Louisville, KY. At GIE As we’ve done for the past several years, we […]

Come see us at GIE 2016

In two weeks, the GIE+EXPO show in Louisville, KY will just be getting started. “GIE” is North America’s biggest green industry event, and we will be there, displaying under our Go iLawn brand. GIE+EXPO is a great opportunity to check out new products, advances, and tips for companies in the green industry. If you’re planning […]

It’s the first week of fall… What does that mean for your business?

For many of our service industry customers, the change of season means it’s also time to change how your business operates. One place where companies should change their focus is in the sales process. On the sales side, fall brings both challenges and opportunities. Your customers have stopped thinking about the summer that just ended and […]

Putting it on “The Board”

Remember back in grade school when our teachers would write important things “on the board”? Whether it was a reminder about when the next test was, when an assignment was due, what chapters to read in the book, or what problems to work on for homework, we often got important information by looking for it […]

Part III – What’s holding you back?

To Make Your Business More Efficient, Think of it as a System Part III – What’s holding you back? In most companies, it’s only one thing. There’s one thing that’s holding you back from more efficiency, more production, and more profit. Every part of your business could perform better if this one thing were improved, […]