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Efficiency – And Growth

Have you ever noticed that in business, you see small, nimble companies that can operate with amazing efficiency, while larger companies sometimes have trouble staying productive? Whether mowing grass, laying asphalt, sealing parking lots, or spraying fertilizer, a small company, running a single crew and led by a single owner/operator can get an amazing amount […]

Signs of the Times

As I left the house for work on Thursday morning, I found a sign planted between the sidewalk and the fence at the end of my driveway. A simple corrugated plastic type, it promoted “Tree Trimming” and gave a phone number. Now I might have overreacted, but when I saw the thing, I got angry. I […]

Commercial or Residential?

Choose your “Ingredients” wisely. When I ask our customers (mainly landscape contractors and asphalt maintenance professionals) if they serve Commercial or Residential customers, they’ll often say “both”. But is serving two different kinds of customers (with very different needs and preferences) the best way to build your business? Is this a recipe for success, or […]

5 keys For Creating a Successful, Service Industry Business.

At Go iLawn / Go iPave, we get to meet our fair share of business owners. Between our thousands of customers in landscaping/lawn care, paving/pavement maintenance, snow removal, facility management, and related industries we talk to lots of people every year, and they often tell us what works for them. Our customers are pretty diverse […]

A Small Business Blueprint

This morning, we read a story from the Washington Post that really struck us, so we wanted to share. It is the story of Jerrell Brown, a Washington D.C. landscaping entrepreneur and the subject of a “feel good” story in the December 18th Post about a young man who overcame a troubled past to become […]

Turn Out The Lights on 2016

As we bid farewell to 2016, it’s the perfect time to be thinking about your business goals for the coming year… Maybe we can help: Step 1 – Set Some Goals for your 2017: Try This… https://goitalk.com/setting-and-using-strategic-goals/ Step 2 – Make sure you get the right people in place: Here’s some tips from a pro… https://goitalk.com/labor-churn-recruiting-tips-for-landscape-pavement-maintenance-companies/ Step 3 […]