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Exceeding Expectations

A lot of companies go to work each day with a motto about exceeding customer expectations. Sounds familiar, right? Somehow, doing ‘more’ than your customers expect seems like a great mantra. But there’s something important in there that sometimes gets lost in the execution. To exceed your customers’ expectations, you’ll need to know what their […]

September – Time to Do the Numbers

September is a winding down season for many of our customers. Fall is coming, days are getting shorter, and for many of us, there’s more rain disrupting our day to day operations. With the changing of the seasons, September is also a great time to look back on the current season and see how well you […]

Situational Leadership

If your company is going to grow beyond the size that one person (You) can effectively manage alone, you’re going to need a team of functional leaders to help you manage it. But how do you find, train and prepare the leaders you’ll need to grow your company? It’s a big question.   Once you’ve […]

Leadership: Developing Your Employees to Benefit Your Company.

One of the underappreciated rewards of running your own business is that you have the opportunity to develop talent… You can help your employees grow to become more effective and more valuable for you and for themselves. The biggest companies in the world do this systematically. They ensure employee growth by building programs to train, educate, and […]

Managing Your Backlog

It’s the first week of June, and the season has been underway across North America for a while now. If you’re in the green industry, you’ve been at it for a couple months, even in cooler climates. And in the paving industry, you’re surely well underway by now, even up north. And with all this […]