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Winter is Coming…

As winter gets closer, many snow removal companies are already thinking about how to maximize their profits in the coming snow season. We’ve been looking ahead to snow season too, and recently, we’ve been noticing a lot of media coverage about one unexpected topic. Municipal sidewalk snow removal laws have received a lot of attention […]

How am I supposed to measure that?

Sometimes, our customers come to us with stories about their most difficult property measurements. For Landscape: For Landscape companies, these are often places where a job requires segmenting mulch from turf and measuring out complex maps of what materials and equipment are needed for certain parts of jobs. For Asphalt: In the Asphalt maintenance industry, […]

Federal Business Opportunities (FBO)– 4 Steps to Start Bidding on Government Contracts

Have you ever considered doing business with the Federal Government of the United States of America? It’s easy to think of government contracts as something only for big businesses, but the U.S. federal government actually contracts out all kinds of services to companies of all sizes. Maybe you’ve never considered that a service business like […]

What’s Important to a Commercial Property Manager

Commercial property managers can be a landscape or asphalt professional’s best clients. They have money, they need to get things done, they may have multiple large-scale jobs, and they can be easier to deal with than residential clients. It’s About More Than Just Price. Property managers (PM) will always be conscious of pricing, but cost […]