social media plan for your landscape company

A 12-Month Plan to Boost Your Landscape Company’s Social Media Presence

Entering the social media world can be a daunting task. I know from experience. When I took over the marketing role at Go iLawn and Go iPave a few years ago, we had no social presence. I started with Twitter, and over the next few months we got on Facebook, created a Linked In group and launched Go iTalk.

It’s been fun and interesting, and of course frustrating at times too. Learning what to do and when to do it will probably be an ongoing study for me, but something I have learned is that creating an annual social media plan can alleviate some frustration. It’s great to be spontaneous and stumble upon fun things to share, but it’s also hard to put yourself on the spot when you need something to share.

A 12-Month Social Media Plan for Your Landscape Company

Whether you are a social media veteran with an established social presence, or a newbie planning to dip your toe in the social media pond(s) next year, the infographic below can help you put together an annual social media plan for your landscape company.

Manage Social Media the Easy Way in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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