70-20-10 Facebook Posting Guide for Small Business

If you have a Facebook page for your business, then you know how difficult it can be to come up with valuable, engaging content day after day. After all, you probably created a Facebook page to attract new customers and stay connected to your existing ones.

So how can you maintain an awesome Facebook page for your landscape, paving or snow removal company without spending hours racking your brain to come up with clever posts?

70-20-10 Facebook Posting Rule

I came across an infographic that offers some easy guidelines on what to post and how often to do it. It’s designed for ‘retail’ companies, but is certainly applicable for service providers. It suggests that 10% of posts should promote your business, 20% of your posts should be shared from other places and 70% of your posts should build brand recognition.

So here is how you can bring these guidelines to life on your company Facebook page.

10% of your Posts Should be Promotional in Nature

These are probably the easiest posts to come up with. If you are offering discounts, new services, packages etc. post them up on your page. But keep it minimal as the 10% guideline suggests. For example, you run a promotion for the entire month of April, post information about the promotion on your page once a week instead of every day.

20% of your Posts Should be Sharing Others’ Ideas or Facebook Posts

This type of post isn’t that bad either because other people are creating content for you. Your local paper and news outlets are good places to start. You can share stories about community activities, fundraisers, recipes, holiday events etc. that you think your Facebook audience may be interested in. If you find something to share that allows you to tie in a little self promotion, that’s great too!

70% of your Activity Should Add Value and Build Brand Recognition

These posts are the hard ones. These are the posts that require you to be ‘creative’ and ‘resourceful’ according to the infographic- which can be tough on a Monday morning (or any time of any day frankly). An easy go-to is a lists of tips. If you sit down for long enough, you’ll realize you’re full of these. For example “3 things to consider when choosing a material for your driveway”, or “4 guidelines for watering your lawn”. Plus, people really like lists because they are helpful and easy to read.

If you find that lists and ideas are coming easy to you, stockpile them in a Word document or schedule them with the Facebook scheduling feature for a day when content and ideas are hard to deliver.

The 70-20-10 Facebook Posting Rule:

Guidelines for Facebook Posts





















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