“Classic” Go iLawn & Go iPave Are Officially Retired

It’s the first full week of August 2018, which means we’ve officially retired our “Classic” Go iLawn and Go iPave products. This makes it a great time for us to do two things.

  1. Thank everyone who made these products successful for the past 9+ years.
  2. Tell anyone still using the Classic software what to expect next.

Thank You!

Our thanks to everyone who ever made Classic Go iLawn and Go iPave part of their business.

And a special thanks to everyone who has made the move to New Go iLawn and New Go iPave. We’re continually working to enhance our software, and we look forward to serving you with our more-stable and more-capable platform for many years to come.

For those of our customers who have yet to make the switch, there are a couple of things you need to know.

  1. We No Longer Support the “Classic” Go iLawn & Go iPave.

We have not yet made our Classic software unavailable, but that day will come. Until it does, you may continue to use Classic with a couple of important cautions. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to to make it work, and we can’t offer tech support to customers who continue using it.

  1. We No Longer Sell any search credits, license renewals, or other access for our “Classic” products.

All future purchases of Go iLawn and Go iPave will be of our New software.

Purchasing New Go iLawn and Go iPave is easy. Just start a trial using the links below. Then, using the “My Account” menu in your trial, upgrade your trial to a subscription and purchase search credits any time, day or night, using your credit card.

What Comes Next?

If you are continuing to use your Classic Go iLawn or Go iPave account, your access is coming to an end.

  1. Soon, we will announce a final access date and take the Classic software offline. Watch this blog, our software logins, and our website for an announcement.
  2. Our Classic software could fail unexpectedly for technical reasons, and we may be unable to fix it. This could happen at any time, for reasons beyond our control, and we can’t predict when it might happen.
  3. Your current software license will expire 1 year from your last purchase. Once that date comes, you will need to access our New software.

How Do I Know if I’m using Classic or New?

If you don’t know which version you’re using, here’s three simple tests:

  1. How many logos do you see?
    1. New = 1, at upper Left
    2. Classic = 2, 1 at upper left, and 1 at top, just Right of center.
  2. The Logo at upper left sits in a header bar that spans the whole page. What color is it?
    1. Green = Classic Go iLawn
    2. Orange =  Classic Go iPave
    3. Grey = New Go iLawn / Go iPave
  3. What is above the Logo at Upper Left?
    1. Main Menu and Help buttons = Classic
    2. Nothing but the navigation buttons from the web browser = New

If you still haven’t made the switch, now is a great time to do it. Follow these links:

Thank You,

The Go iLawn / Go iPave team.

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